Our wedding party

Nicole's attendants
  • Kelly Olson, Maid Of Honor
    Kelly is my younger sister, and I couldn't be more excited to have her by my side through this journey! Over the years we've grown closer and closer and have created an endless amount of memories together.
  • Amanda Wichman, Bridesmaid
    Amanda and I met at Crown College the fall of 2011. We played soccer together and were then roommates the following year. She has been such an amazing friend and support system to me over the past two years.
  • Erica Gudopp, Bridesmaid
    Erica and I met when I was about 11, when her family moved to Wisconsin. We grew up together at CrossWay Church and now both go to school in the Twin Cities area. She and I have grown much closer during our college years, I am so blessed to have a friend like her.
  • Hanna Jensen, Bridesmaid
    Hanna and I have known each other since middle school. We played soccer together and went on countless adventures together in high school. She goes to school in Iowa, and we haven't seen much of each other over the past two years, but we've managed to continue our life long friendship.
  • Randi Norman, Bridesmaid
    Randi and I have been roommates together at Crown College for the past two years. She and I have grown closer through everything college has thrown our way. She has also been a great support system and a wonderful friend.
  • Erin Kossan, Bridesmaid
    Erin and I both lived on the same floor my Freshmen year at Crown College. She and I have been able to grow closer through so many different events in life. I am so thankful for her and am blessed to have such an honest and loyal friend.
  • Agnes Doyle, Bridesmaid
    Agnes and I met at Lake Lundgren Bible Camp when we were in middle school. She lives with her family in the Chicago area, but we remained close friends despite the distance. Austin and I have spent spring break with her in the city for the past two years. This last spring, we asked her to be a bridesmaid over lunch during our visit. She gladly accepted, with our understanding that she was starting an internship without an official start date set. Once she heard back and got an official timeline for the internship, she knew she would no longer be able to stand up in the wedding. She has been such a dear friend. I still wanted to include her, even though she won’t be there on the actual day!
Austin's attendants
  • Andrew Moore, Best Man
    Andrew has been such an amazing friend. After we met and started hanging out in fourth grade, he has been by my side through literally everything. He has helped pull me through a lot of pain in my life and has been bluntly honest with me. I can't thank you enough Andrew.
  • Pete Hanson, Groomsman
    As I call him, Mr. Pete. Mr. Pete has been my second father. He taught me guitar growing up for the price of memorizing scripture, and he taught me most how to be a man after God's heart. He has also shown me what it means to be respectful and patient. Without Mr. Pete, I wouldn't be half the man I am today.
  • Benjamin Holsbo, Groomsman
    Benjamin and I, throughout the years, have done some pretty cool things. We have done everything from building things to rock climbing. We've had many conversations about Nicky when she wasn't even aware of it. When things were at a point when Nicky and I were at our separate ways, Ben helped keep myself on the right track when I started taking my eyes off of my hope and dream of being with Nicky.
  • Nick Schroeter, Groomsman
    Nick has been a an awesome friend throughout the years. We've been friends since I was in fourth or fifth grade. We used to paintball and have fun just hanging out. We've also had our moments of talking about Nicky right behind her back, literally, without her knowing about it.
  • Evan Spor, Groomsman
    Evan has been an amazing mentor to me. He helped me keep my head straight when Nicky and I were talking about getting back together. He and I spent time praying together about it and making sure I had my eyes and heart focused on God.
  • Ian Newville, Groomsman
    I met Ian this past year at Crown College. Ian and I have talked a lot about life and how God is working in our relationships. Ian and I have grown a lot closer since we met at soccer. We keep each other accountable in different areas of life.
  • Nathan Blaubach, Groomsman
    Nathan and I go way back to when I first started to attend Crossway church. We used to play Age of Empires together, football in the front yard and just hang out. As we got older we continued to do things and enjoy hanging out.
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